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    Vernon Laser Dentistry

    Why choose dental
    laser treatment?

    Reduces anxiety

    No needles or drills mean a virtually painless dental procedure.

    Faster healing

    Requires fewer sutures and reduces blood loss and gum damage.


    Laser dentistry is significantly faster than traditional treatments.

    Minimizes risk

    Lasers provide sterilization to reduce bacteria, recurring decay and risk of infection.

    Best Dentist Vernon BC

    Laser dentistry procedures for the entire family.

    Laser dentistry is safe for use on both children and adults for a more comfortable dental office visit. The treatment can be used for a variety of procedures, including removing tooth decay without anesthetics, treating root canal or gum infections, exposing wisdom teeth, reshaping the gum line, removal of tooth decay, preparing a tooth for a root canal or filling, setting crowns, gum biopsies, and much more.

    How does laser
    dentistry work?

    Dental procedures done with the Solea laser involve a focused beam of light directed on the area requiring treatment. This option offers a higher level of comfort and effective treatment for the patient without the typical discomfort or trauma often associated with dental work.

    The benefits of using
    laser dentistry:

    • Reduces pain
    • Minimizes need for anesthesia
    • Less post-surgical bleeding
    • Reduced recovery time
    • Less chance for infection
    • Reduces need for stitches
    • Less removal of healthy tissue
    • Eases discomfort and anxiety

    Looking for a gentler approach to dental care?

    At Regehr Family Dental, we want you and your family to have a pleasant visit. Whether you or a member of your family experiences anxiety about going to the dentist, our laser dentistry services offer a more comfortable approach. We will go over your options for a more gentle experience when taking care of your dental health.