A positive dental experience for you
and your entire family.

Family Dentist Vernon

Offering complete dental care
for patients of all ages

Dental orientation

Full assessment of your child’s overall dental health

Oral education

Evaluation and review of oral habits and hygiene practices

Professional cleanings

Complete exam, x-rays, cleaning, and fluoride treatment

Restorative dentistry

Cavity treatment, including fillings and extractions

Vernon Dentist for Family

A strong, healthy smile from the start

A dental visit can cause concern for both you and your children. At Regehr Family Dental, we’re here to ensure a comfortable visit while offering complete care for their teeth to give you greater peace of mind. Dr. Brydan Regehr has successfully been treating patients age 2 and up since 2014. By visiting our office within six months of the appearance of their first tooth, we can help your child get accustomed to our office and friendly staff while responding to any questions or concerns you may have.

White fillings for
a natural look

No one will ever know you had a cavity with our white fillings. They provide a natural look, unlike standard silver amalgam fillings, while offering a safe, reliable restoration of the tooth that’s designed to last.

Why a Root Canal?

Our teeth are designed to put up with a lot. But sometimes, the nerve inside the tooth is unable to withstand common issues such as damage or infection due to a cavity, crack, or related trauma. A root canal treatment is much easier these days thanks to modern technology and can be performed quickly and efficiently for a long-lasting tooth.

You might need a root canal if you’re experiencing the following:

  • Severe tooth pain – aching or throbbing
  • Being woken up at night by pain
  • Prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold
  • Swelling or tenderness surrounding a tooth
  • Pain causing you to only bite on one side

Easy payments for new and returning patients alike.

Our front-desk team are experts at getting your payments covered through your benefits. No coverage? We offer easy financing options to take a little stress off your chequebook.