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Rapid relief from snoring
in only 5 minutes.

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    Why choose Solea Sleep?

    Quick Procedure

    Gentle, non-surgical treatment complete within just 5 minutes.


    Simple and professionally administered laser-based treatment.

    Pain-Free Treatment

    Non-invasive procedure with virtually zero recovery time.


    Immediate, long-lasting results reduce snoring for quality sleep.

    What is Solea Sleep?

    Solea Sleep is a non-surgical and patient-friendly procedure that reduces snoring and improves sleep quality. This revolutionary treatment uses a specialized laser that gently tightens tissue in the soft palate to reduce vibrations that cause snoring. The entire process is complete in a single 5-minute visit and provides immediate and long-lasting results. It is a comfortable and pain-free solution that requires zero downtime post-treatment. Get better sleep tonight in just one easy treatment!

    How does Solea Sleep work?

    The most common type of snoring is “palatal” or mouth snoring, which typically occurs when a person breathes through their mouth while sleeping. The snoring sound is caused by loose soft-palate tissue that vibrates on every inhale and exhale. The most effective treatment is to reduce the vibrations by tightening the soft-palate tissue. Solea Sleep uses a laser to gently and quickly apply specific wavelengths that tighten the collagen fibers of the soft palate. In only one 5-minute treatment, the soft tissue is tightened and the airway is opened. This reduces snoring and improves sleep quality.

    How long does Solea Sleep
    results last?

    With only one 5-minute treatment patients experience immediate results that last an average of 12 to 15 months. Over time the collagen tissue naturally relaxes, which means that any procedure that tightens elastic tissue is non-permanent. A Solea Sleep treatment should be performed annually to deliver consistent long-term results.

    Looking for a better sleep?

    Nearly everyone is affected by snoring at some point in their life. Snoring becomes an issue when it leads to poor sleep quality over time. A lack of sleep is an underlying factor for many health problems, including dental health. At Regehr Family Dental, we want to help you achieve a healthy life using gentle and patient-friendly treatments. We will find out whether Solea Sleep is the right solution for you so that you can sleep better and live healthier.